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Conditioning classes to help you burn fat and stay in great shape

Zumba Strong
Join in our new body challenge every Monday morning. Targeting all major muscle groups to the beat of ZUMBA MUSIC. A great vibrant workout for all levels. Modifications are offered for beginners. Arriba!!!

Body Conditioning
is a crazy mix of PUMP, Kettlebells, Slam Balls and bodyweight exercise to help get your body in great shape. This session is varied week to week. Wednesday 7pm and Thursday 6.30pm are advanced sessions.

training is the latest way to stay in great shape. It is done with a series of challenging movement patterns using kettlebells as a form of resistance training.

Sexy Abs
Try a range of core conditioning exercises using balance, strength and floor work to really work on those problem areas.


Fun and energetic classes to get your heart pumping and your body rocking

Tap Fit
This session is perfect for those that want to learn the basic of tap dance while staying in great shape. The class is run by our resident IDTA teacher Heidi who will teach you the basics of how to tap your way to better health. Great to help improve your leg strength and co-ordination. Beginners welcome.

sessions include a variety of outdoor drills and circuit style exercises in the grounds of the hall. The perfect way to get in great shape the fresh air way. Children 10 and above may join for FREE if Mum or Dad are members.

These sessions combine step aerobics as well as conditioning exercises to give you a great overall metabolic workout. 

Thai-Boxing includes eastern methods including elbows and kicks on pads. Box-a-FIT doesn’t include kicks, but packs plenty of punch.

Our new fitness class is a great way to add variety to your sessions with a range of fun and challenging circuit exercises to work the whole body.

It’s time to burn. New & Pumping! Our brand new indoor cycling programme is the ultimate calorie burner. These sessions are the ultimate way to stay fit and motivated.


Signature classes to help you stay motivated when all else fails

NO DANCE EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Join in this fun, fitness session and learn the basics of how to move and groove. Each week, try a little something new. Try Disco, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Dance Aerobics, House, Hip-Hop, Latin, etc. See your teacher for details of weekly sessions.

Simple FIT
sessions are designed for the young at heart. Challenging cardio and conditioning exercises designed to help keep your joints mobile and your heart healthy. Great Fun! 

offers the ultimate in High Intensity Interval Training. Some HIIT sessions use a mix of gladiator and total warrior exercises in 5 x 45 second blasts while other HIIT classes use 8 x 20 second body weight exercises using a tabata style method. 


Mind and Body classes to improve your flexibility, stability and inner strength

Ashtanga YOGA
This session is aimed at beginners to intermediates wanting to learn the 23 poses of Ashtanga YOGA. A perfect starter class to then progress to the more advanced Vinyasa YOGA sessions.

Iyengar YOGA
These sessions offer a variety of poses to help improve suppleness and keep that body feeling young. A great way to relax and feel good.

Traditional floor and standing exercises to help improve posture, core strength and joint stability. Perfect for those wanting a strong back and a strong core. Wednesday morning is ideal for beginners.

Vinyasa YOGA
Flowing YOGA sessions are a great way to develop total body strength and flexibility. Fluid strength patterns with dynamic breathing help to ensure a great spiritual workout.

The ultimate fusion of pilates and YOGA combined into one exhilarating class to truly take you on the ultimate spiritual journey to better health. This class works on stability and flexibility to music. Beginners welcome.

Pilates & Barre
Pilates and Barre combines small and controlled Ballet-inspired movements with traditional Pilates favourites, for a gentle but challenging workout that’s tough on the muscles yet gentle on the joints. This one hour class is set to a relaxing yet inspiring soundtrack with easy to follow, flowing movements and choreography, making it suitable and enjoyable for all ages and abilities! Tutu’s optional! 🙂

Mums & Tots TONE
Bring along baby and get back into great shape following child birth every Monday with Richard, including monthly weigh in & measure.

Pregnancy YOGA
We also offer pregnancy Vinyasa YOGA for pre-natal mums. This is a great way to help stay healthy during pregnancy. See reception for details on current prices.