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Why Iveridge Health Club?

What makes us stand out from the rest is quite simply ‘RBT’

‘Results Based Training’. Proven models of exercise that improve heart and lung function, reduce body fat and increase muscle mass.

Most people usually give up after just a few sessions without support. And if you don’t see results, why would you continue? That’s why we created Small Group Training. Our small group training sessions are ideal to join following your MOTIV8 28-day plan although you can join small groups anytime during your membership at IVERIDGE. Members and non-members can join in.


Maximum Motivation : Maximum Results 

Choose 4, 8 or 12 workouts each month.

  • Various timeslots to choose from each week.
  • Maximum motivation and support for 28-days.
  • Guaranteed all round results.

With this unique results-based training plan, there’s plenty of motivation, lots of support and, most of all, you’ll get guaranteed results. Your personal coach will provide you with all the support you need. You’ll meet other like-minded people and push each other to help achieve your health goals.


Each week, choose from 1, 2 or 3 or our designated slots each week.

  • We offer 30-minute sessions which are cheaper and our most popular.
  • We also offer 45-minute sessions and for those feeling super fit, we offer 60-minute sessions for the ultimate workout.
  • Choose sessions at times to suit you each week for a full month.
  • Once you’ve decided the right package for you, simply come along to your chosen timeslots each week and we will give you all the motivation you need.
  • Your trainer will ensure you work at a level to suit your abilities. We ask everyone to warm up for 15-minutes prior to starting each workout so you get a great session every time.


  • Each group is bespokely put together to work on both improving fitness and losing inches.
  • You’ll be using high intensity interval methods to help strengthen your heart and lungs.
  • You’ll also do bodyweight exercises combined with strength activities to ensure you keep your metabolic rate high and your body strong.
  • When combining both high intensity and metabolic strength/bodyweight exercises, you become more efficient at burning off energy – even at rest.
  • Pop in some healthy food choices over 28-days and you’ll get some great results.


You can expect to achieve the following after just 28-days of small group training:

  • A reduction in resting heart rate (improved heart function
  • A reduction in blood pressure (reduced risk of hypertension)
  • An improvement in flexibility and joint mobility
  • A reduction in fat mass from waist and hips.
  • An increase in muscle mass and bone density (Higher Metabolism)
  • Increased energy and less fatigue
  • Improvement in mood and stress levels from connecting with others.
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boot camp - paypal
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Adrian’s Story

adrians storyI joined IVERIDGE in January 2015 along with my supportive wife Faye, I had become very overweight over the last years and after a visit to the doctors reality hit home, a massive wake up call was needed.

We had tried various gyms over the last 5 years, but never stuck to any of them. After a Google search we found Iveridge Hall, we visited one day and decided to join.

At the same time I signed up to do a sponsored cycle from London to Paris, 228 miles over 3 days in early June, I was lucky if I could cycle 5 miles to work before been worn out.

After the initial kick-start month with Adam, we decided to join small group training again with Adam and have continued with this and still are now. I set my self a goal of loosing 3.5 stone by the end of the year, I am now 2 stone lighter and last weekend completed the challenge of the London to Paris cycle of 228 mile over 3 days, also raising £750 for great Ormond street hospital.

It was an amazing personal achievement, one that wouldn’t have been possible without Iveridge Hall and especially Adam. Myself and Faye my wife will continue coming to Iveridge Hall, it isn’t a typical gym, it’s a place where we come and enjoy ourselves. We are made to feel welcome and given support when we need it.

Thank you to all the team at IVERIDGE for your continued support.