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How does it work?

Starting on a Monday morning of your choice, you will join like-minded people and battle through our early morning (630am) sessions at IVERIDGE.

Each day, you’ll try something new and get stronger, fitter and healthier. We’ll also give you 7 lunches and 7 evening meals to stick to during the plan. All you need to do is prepare our recommended breakfasts and drink 2 litres of water per day. You’ll also be measured on day 1 and 7 so you can track your progress.

When is it?

Pick a week when your diary is free and start on a Monday morning to suit you.  (Exc. Bank Hols)

  • Mon: High Intensity Interval Training followed by your personal measure. (45-mins)
  • Tues: Spin Warrior fitness class (30-mins)
  • Wed. Circuit Training (45-mins)
  • Thurs. Body Conditioning (45-mins)
  • Fri. Circuit Training (30-mins)
  • Sat. 900am Spin or 930am BOOTCAMP
  • Sun. 900am Spin followed by a re-measure.

Feel free to stay after each class and use the club for as long as you wish. This will only add to your results at the end of the BOOTCAMP7 week.

How much is the plan?

Members £49
Non-members £69

BOOTCAMP7 is available to non-members and members of IVERIDGE.

The price includes 7-days early morning usage plus 7 lunches and 7 evening meals. You’ll also get a 15-minute measure on day 1 and 7. There is only room for 2 people each week to do this so please check availability before paying.

BOOK YOUR MONDAY NOW! and get focused on making a start towards a healthier you!

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