Conditioning classes to help you burn fat and stay in great shape

Body Conditioning
This is a mix of Barbell, Kettlebells, and Bodyweight exercise to help get your body in great shape. This session is varied week to week to keep that body strong and powerful. Tues 900am & Thurs. 630pm are advanced sessions but adaptations can be offered to new starters. We recommend to do at least 3 strength sessions a week to keep your body strong and keep your metabolic rate high.

Zumba Strong
Join in our new body challenge every Monday morning. Targeting all major muscle groups to the beat of ZUMBA MUSIC. A great vibrant workout for all levels. This is cardio & bodyweight training and modifications can be offered for beginners. Arriba!!!

This 45-minute session uses the barbell system to develop strength and muscular endurance. Using 10 routines, 1 for each major muscle group, this session is perfect for driving up that metabolic rate and getting that athletic look. It is recommended to do the 2 sessions each week for at least 6 weeks to start getting strength results. Beginners welcome.

Sexy Abs
Try a range of core conditioning exercises using balance, strength and floor work to really work upon those core areas. Try and take away some exercises from this class and put them into your other gym workouts each week. Perfect for all levels every Friday morning.


Fun and energetic classes to get your heart pumping and your body rocking

These sessions combine step aerobics as well as conditioning exercises to give you a great overall metabolic workout. 

This session includes pad and bodyweight work giving you the ultimate cardio workout. Some sessions also includes elbows, knees & kicks on pads. We can provide gloves although it is more hygienic to use your own if you have them. No experience is necessary.

This session is perfect for children 6-12 years wanting to make a start towards learning the art of boxing. This includes bag and pad coaching as well as footwork coaching. The emphasis is based on fun and development. Courses run term time. See desk for current availability.

Our indoor cycling programme is the ultimate calorie burner. These sessions are the ultimate way to stay fit and motivated. Look out for SPIN WARRIOR, which also includes high intensity interval methods off the bike for the ultimate fitness class. BOOKING ESSENTIAL!

This versatile class includes stations of exercises to a set time. The session includes cardio, strength, bodyweight and floor based activities to give you an all-round session of exercise.


Signature classes to help you stay motivated when all else fails

NO DANCE EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Join in this fun, fitness session and learn the basics of how to move and groove to the finest disco tracks. This is a full on cardio session designed to get that heart pumping and your body boogeying.

Simple FIT
These sessions are designed for the young at heart. Challenging cardio and conditioning exercises designed to help keep your joints mobile and your heart healthy. Great Fun!

IVERIDGE offers the ultimate in High Intensity Interval Training. These are a great way to get fit quick. Short bursts of cardio really help to get your heart and lungs healthy. These sessions also help to release the ‘feel good factor’ in the body making these sessions perfect for improving mental and physical health.

Bootcamp sessions include a variety of outdoor drills and circuit style exercises in the grounds of the hall and on the assault course. The perfect way to get in great shape the fresh air way. These sessions require some experience as these are tough. Doing these every Wednesday & Saturday are perfect for getting in great shape. You’ll notice fitness results after just 6-weeks.

This session is perfect for those that want to learn the basic of tap dance while staying in great shape. The class is run by our resident IDTA teacher Heidi who will teach you the basics of how to tap your way to better health. Great to help improve your leg strength and co-ordination. Beginners welcome.