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iveridge physio tpi certified

Rachael at DynamicGolf is a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional and Strength & Conditioning Coach.

IMG_3390Rachael can help to improve your performance on the golf course through improved movement (allowing you to swing more efficiently), increased strength capacity (to prevent injury and help maintain control through the swing) as well as develop power and speed (to increase clubhead speed and distance).

Rachael works with golfers of all levels from the European Tour to Junior level. Through a golf-specific TPI assessment; Rachael can help to identify and improve specific physical areas that you can work on in the gym to help you shoot lower scores, improve strike consistency and take your golf game to the next level.

Invest in your most valuable piece of equipment and reach your golfing potential.

To discuss further or to book an initial assessment please call Rachael on 07736906881 or email her at Further details can also be found at