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Eating for optimal health & fat loss.

…with Richard Hill, Nutritionist at IVERIDGE HALL

When:                       Saturday 24th March

Time:                          1230pm – 230pm

Where:                       YOGA Studio, IVERIDGE HALL

Price:                          MEMBERS £5 NON-MEMBERS £8

Suitable for anyone wanting to:

*Learn more about food and food groups, *understand more about diets,

*determine fact from nonsense, *find out what really works.


*History of diet and exercise,*Diets, fads and market trends,

*Intermittent fasting and it’s relevance in the weight loss market,

*Calories counting, low fat or low carb, *Work out just how many calories your body needs per day.

*Food groups, food labelling and interpretation,*Weight loss and how to measure it properly,

*Dietary recording and how to do it properly, *What to eat for health and what to eat for fat loss,

*Order of food group reduction and it’s importance, *The gluten and grain debate.

*Q & A for the final 20-minutes.

This session is very popular and spaces are limited to 30 people so please book early at front desk to avoid disappointment .

Alternatively, TEXT weight loss to: 07803143679 to book.

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