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IVERIDGE food is the perfect way to get your goodness every week.

Simply grab our nutritious meals from reception

FRESH – £3.75
FROZEN – £3.25
555 PLAN – £37.50 (5 LUNCHES, 5 EVENING MEALS, 5 DAYS)

  • All the meals are different every month are can be personally tailored to suit your dietary requirements.
  • There’s no commitment. Simply TEXT 078031437679 to place a bespoke order or just call in at reception and pick some up each week.
  • IVERIDGE food is open to the public and meals are delivered at 10:30am every Monday and Thursdays.
  • Meals stay fresh for 3-5 days and they can be frozen. We also have frozen meals to buy that are 50p cheaper.
  • Try our fresh soup packs as well to really get your macro-nutrients in each week.

We offer the perfect solution to getting your diet right once and for all.

Forget dieting & forget slimming.

Food prepped just for you is the future of getting real results. Simply get 10 meals each week from IVERIDGE, prepare your own nutritious breakfasts and combine this with our exercise plans. That’s it!

We’ve taken out all the guess work. We’ve simply prepared all your healthy meals for you. All meals are freshly prepared every Monday & Thursday morning. There’s 5 lunches and 5 evening meals each week.

There’s also 5 different meals every month so you’ll never get bored of the same meal. On the remaining 2 days a week, try preparing your own healthy meals or enjoy a meal out with friends. After just 1 month, you will feel more energised and have bags more energy.

You will also start to see the results when combining 555 with your IVERIDGE training plan. We can also offer personal portions to suit your bodies needs. If you are unsure what you need, speak to your trainer.

Health Cafe

We also have a health cafe which is open to both members and the general public, offering speciality coffee and hot drinks, cold drinks, on the go snacks, protein snacks & quick and easy light bites.

Why not enjoy a coffee and snack after your workout?

Buy your 10 meals here