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  • Do you need to kickstart your fitness & Inch loss but unsure how to make a start?

  • Do you want to get your focus back and get motivated again?

  • Do you need someone to prepare and provide all your meals for the week?

How does it work?

Simply follow our 7-day exercise and food plan at IVERIDGE HEALTH CLUB.

You’ll meet your trainer who’ll get you started on day 1. Your trainer will then book you in for the next 6 daily sessions based on what you’d like to try out over the week. BOOTCAMP7 offers early mornings whereas KICKSTART7 has more flexibility to suit your lifestyle. See below for example options. There’s 7 healthy evening meals as well as 7 healthy soups for lunch as part of the 7-day plan.

How much is the plan?

KICKSTART7 is £49 for members and £69 for non-members and includes your 1st session with your trainer as well as a quick measure on day 1 and 7. The plan also includes a re-assessment with a trainer on day 7. Don’t forget, you’ll also get 7 lunches and 7 evening meals provided during the plan so you’ll even be saving on your shopping bill that week! KICKSTART7 really is the perfect way to help get you motivated again. Book day 1 NOW and kick start your health & fitness today.

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