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Lose 7lbs In 28 Days With A Nutrition Review

Lose 7lbs in 28 days with a Nutrition Review

10 top tips to diet success…

With so much diet information around it’s hard to know what to listen to and what to block out. Here are some tried and true strategies for keeping you focused on what really works for weight management long term.

Director of IVERIDGE HALL, Fitness, Health & Wellbeing, Richard Hill gives us some quick tips.

  1. Eat and drink less calories – Cutting back on the total calories you consume is clearly a winning strategy for weight loss. Target high-calorie fatty food. Look to cut Saturated (nasty) Fat 1st. Then try to reduce sugar intake after that. This includes alcohol as well as sweet stuff.
  1. Burn more calories – The more you move your body every day, the more energy you’ll use up, which helps to create an even greater energy output. More daily movements, walking and some strength training provide the best combination of activity.
  1. Manage your appetite – Limit your portion sizes and avoid the habit of overeating. Choose foods that are filling and not fattening, like lean protein, salads and wholegrain cereals.
  1. Know your eating triggers – Identifying the people, places or thoughts that trigger you to overeat or choose high calorie foods will allow you to plan alternatives and deal with situations that tend to trip you up.
  1. Monitor your progress – Track changes to your diet and exercise routine to raise your awareness and keep you on the path to success.
  1. Build your support network – Enlist family, friends or workmates to encourage and support you.
  1. Get professional advice – Use a weight loss advisor to share good information, tips and strategies to keep you focused and motivated. A personal trainer can really help you to stay on track.
  1. Personalise your program – As you progress, keep the diet strategies that work for you and ditch the ones that don’t. You are not going to stick to unrealistic changes.
  1. Choose to lose the confusion – Make it your policy to critically filter the useless and distracting diet information you hear. Stay focused on what works for you and don’t get sidetracked by silly diets.
  1. Be flexible – Allow yourself to have a treat here and there and try not to let them become major setbacks. Lasting results come from a sensible healthy eating programme that is evident 90% of the time. Have the odd treat. How many people do you know that have a perfect diet 100% of the time?


For a full personal dietary review consisting of a 60-minute initial appointment and 3 x 30-minute follow-up appointments at IVERIDGE, please text DIETARY REVIEW to: Richard on 07803143679.

The course is priced at £120.

Each course provides all the tools you need to get on the right track and stay there. The course is aimed at emotional eaters as well as health conscious individuals wanting to improve their nutrition management.

We can also do a quick, optional weigh-in and measure should you wish on weeks 1 and week 4.

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