iveridge motiv8

8 x training sessions with a personal trainer in Month 1!

28-day healthy eating plan or choose IVERIDGE FOOD at an extra cost of £37.50 per week for our 555 plan.

Health assessment on appointments 1 & 8 to monitor your fitness, health & inch loss.

2 x a week with your trainer.
1 x more by yourself. Try out a different class each week.

Get 50% off a Small Group Training plan in month 2  if you achieve 12 sessions in month 1.

Guaranteed results or  your money back.

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lbs lost in total fat weight so far
inches lost around waist & hips
lose 8.5lbs in their 1st month


MOTIV8 plans run every month at IVERIDGE HEALTH CLUB. The supervised workouts run at set times each week and we ask you to attend 2 of the designated sessions each week for a month. On your first and last session, we can measure your fitness and body statistics to help track your results. In addition, we also ask you to make a 3rd session each week by yourself. This will help with your results.

Try one of our weekly classes or workout in our 30-minute metabolic circuit room.

Your goal is to attend 3 times a week for 4-weeks. After each visit, we will give you an attendance stamp. As a reward for attending 12 sessions, we will give you a 50% discount off your 1st small group training plan or 50% discount off your 1st personal training session in month 2!


Week 1 – You’ll be measured on day 1 and then you will get a chance to use our metabolic circuit training room at a level to suit you. Your trainer will ensure everything is just right to suit you and your level.

Week 2 – By week 2, you will start to find things easier. This week, we will introduce you to interval cardio training and get twice around the metabolic circuit.

Week 3 – MOTIV8 classes. Our classes are designed especially for our new starters and can be adapted to them easier or harder. This will give you chance to meet other new MOTIV8 MEMBERS and sample some of our classes that we run each week.

Week 4 – On your final week, we will introduce you to our small group training sessions and you’ll get to try these out during week 4. Everyone will be re-measured over the final weekend to see how well you have done.


You can expect to achieve the following after just 28-days of MOTIV8

  • A reduction in resting heart rate (improved heart function)
  • A reduction in blood pressure (reduced risk of hypertension)
  • An improvement in flexibility and joint mobility
  • A reduction in fat mass from waist and hips.
  • An increase in muscle mass and bone density (Higher Metabolism)
  • Increased energy and less fatigue
  • Improvement in mood and stress levels from connecting with others.
  • When you combine this plan with our 28-day healthy eating programme, you’ll get some great results all round. *Most people will lose around 6lbs-8lbs depending on their BMI and 4-8 inches from their waist and hips during the 28-day plan.  (Figures are based on 256 people monitored in year 1.)


The motiv8 plan is on every month of the year. Simply pick 2 timeslots each week to suit you.
Mon 715am 1030am 630pm 730pm
Tues 1030am 430pm 730pm
Wed 930am 400pm 630pm
Thurs 715am 500pm 730pm
Fri 500pm
Sat 1130am 1230pm
Sun 1130am


  • The MOTIV8 plan is £100 to non members and includes full use of the club in month 1. Current members can bolt on this package for just £50
  • If you achieve 12 sessions over the month, you can have 50% off your 1st small group training plan in month 2 of your membership.
  • A no contract membership is required to take part in our unique 4 week plan.
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