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   No Contract

   Cancel Anytime

   No Joining Fee

Less than
£3.50 a week!

Limited to the 1st 100 people.
(usually £19.99pm)
Now just £14.99pm

2 simple steps to join…

1, First, you’ll need to create an online ‘GOTeamUP’ ONLINE account by clicking JOIN NOW.

2, Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get a confirmation email.
This will let you know how to access ‘YOUR‘ NEW ‘PRIVATE GROUP’

Thats it!

Once we approve your membership, you will be able to access everything we do each month from YOUR NEW ‘PRIVATE GROUP’ and exclusive ‘ONLINE WORKOUT LIBRARY’.

It would be amazing to get you on board with us so we can keep you fit, healthy & happy each week.

IVERIDGE AT HOME recommends 3 cardio & 3 strength workouts weekly for optimal health & wellbeing.
You will also get FREE ENTRY to our unique 21-day Challenge 3 x a year with loads of prizes to be won.

Let’s workout together…