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Becci Skelton

Senior Trainer & Assistant Manager

I studied Sports Science at Durham University and since graduating, I have gained many valuable years’ experience in the Sports and Fitness industry.

I specialise in:

  • Fat loss and body transformation
  • Sport specific training
  • Corrective exercises, posture and injury prevention
  • Nutritional and lifestyle coaching
  • Strength conditioning

personal trainer leeds - Becci SkeltonI am a Sports Masseuse of 8 years. I find sports massage is an essential addition to all types of training, irrespective of if you are an elite sportsperson or a steady gym goer. Regular Sports Massage can help to maintain the body’s condition; It can help prevent and treat existing injuries, relieves tight muscles and aches and pains, aids circulation, reduces DOMS and helps quicker recovery, improves flexibility and range of movement. This should greatly improve sporting and workout performance.

I am a sponsored Downhill Mountain Biker. I became non elite British and English Champion in 2014. My training programme is tailored towards making me faster on my bike with a mixture of heavy weights, hard interval training and of course, as much time on two wheels as possible.

Having fun, a dream and a goal is key to my training and I actively encourage all my clients to do the same. Whether it’s completing a ‘Tough Mudder’event, being able to walk to the shops without getting out of breath, or looking stunning as you walk down the aisle….everyone needs a reason! What’s yours?

Helping my clients create a healthy, happy and positive mind set towards exercise and nutrition is fundamental in getting the most out of my clients and helping them become the best version of themselves. Are you ready to discover the new you?

Through hard work, commitment and consistency, anything is possible.

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