personal trainer leeds - iveridge hallPaul is a highly experienced fitness professional and Personal Trainer of 15 years with a successful record and reputation within the industry. He studied at one of the top universities in the country for an Exercise Science and Nutrition degree (LMU). Paul then went on to study an internationally recognised qualification in Personal Training (VTCT) to further his education and development so he has the option of working abroad.

Paul’s states that “The whole process of determining someone’s development lies initially with an individual’s needs, goals and aspirations. It is then up to the professional to actively nurture this individual. Knowledge and experience is the key part to actually being successful in the development”.

Paul has worked with countless people over the 15 years and every individual that has come to him has wanted to change their body shape to some degree. Every single person that Paul has trained has used a combination of learning thai boxing and various weight/power training principles to work toward their desired shape. Paul is a thai boxing instructor as well as a strength and conditioning coach. He is a trainer who has a proven successful track record and is very experienced but most importantly he will commit to you.

So if you’d like to learn a fantastic skill while developing your body and building your confidence why not join the Thai boxing revolution at Iveridge?