At IVERIDGE, we understand that well-being services such as Yoga and meditation are crucial for a good balance of health.

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Mind and Body classes to improve your flexibility, stability and inner strength

Ashtanga YOGA
A dynamic class with a set sequence of yoga postures. The benefits of following the same sequence is that you can really connect to your body, breath and see your progression. This class is aimed at those starting an Ashtanga practice, but intermediate students can benefit from the details and focus on breath.

Iyengar YOGA
A slower, more supportive type of yoga that will gently move the body. A lot of attention is paid to alignment in these classes, with use of lots of props, such as blocks to allow the body to ease in. A great beginners option and for those with injuries or conditions.

Traditional floor and standing exercises to help improve posture, core strength and joint stability. Perfect for those wanting a strong back and a strong core. Wednesday morning is ideal for beginners.

Vinyasa YOGA
This dynamic form of yoga will move you from posture to posture, creating heat and total body strength and flexibility. Classes vary with attention to different areas of the body, different peak postures or different ways of focusing your attention. We hold classes for beginners as well as advanced students.

Pilates & Barre
Pilates and Barre combines small and controlled Ballet-inspired movements with traditional Pilates favourites, for a gentle but challenging workout that’s tough on the muscles yet gentle on the joints. This one hour class is set to a relaxing yet inspiring soundtrack with easy to follow, flowing movements and choreography, making it suitable and enjoyable for all ages and abilities! Tutu’s optional! 🙂

Pregnancy YOGA
Supporting your changing body through pregnancy is so important. During a pregnancy yoga class you will not only learn how to strengthen and move important areas, but also will give you time to connect with your body and growing baby. It offers a great opportunity to meet with other mums to be, getting a fantastic support network. (£)

Hatha YOGA
A slower more focused type of class, holding postures for longer, connecting with breath and challenging strength of body and mind. This is ideal for beginners and those wanting to work on the detail of postures and the effect on the mind. It is great for those with bio-mechanical dysfunction as there is time to offer modifications.

Combines the influences of Indian Yoga with Chinese Daoist practices and western science to improve our health on many levels. With an emphasis on long-held passive poses stretching into deeper connective tissues, yin yoga mobilises and strengthens joints, ligaments, and fascial networks, meaning full relaxation and healing.

Beginners Yoga Course
This 5 week course is aimed to take you from complete beginner to confident yogi. A course is great as you can build understanding, slowly but strongly each week building a new skill. A great place to start your yoga journey! £40 for 5-weeks. See desk for next dates.


All our kids sessions are great for boys and girls aged 5-11 years. Sessions are priced at £5 per session and payable per term. Term time only. 50% discount for 2nd sibling.

Join this fun mix of street, cheer and hip-hop dance followed by traditional yoga poses to help improve co-ordination and relaxation.

Join in this fun yoga class. A variety of stretches and relaxation techniques are made fun and enjoyable using story telling.

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